Saturday, July 5, 2014

WordPress 2 Fan Page

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Whether you are wanting to create a simple Fan Page to show off your 'niche knowledge' or you want to create a massive empire of money making Facebook Fan Pages... WP2FP will show you how!

Here is an introduction to the videos
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If you are new to Facebook Fan Pages, also known as Business Pages, or you have already created your own Fan Pages, then you might be interested in knowing that Facebook changed the playing field on March 11th 2011 by eliminating the continued support of the FBML application.

The FBML application made it much simpler for the average person to create a great looking Fan Page. That has changed. Now with the iFrames being in place of the FBML apps the average person has just been tossed in front of a major hurdle to overcome in order to create great looking Fan Pages.

 Let me ask you…

Do want to take advantage of the massive traffic potential the Facebook Fan Pages offer?

Are you having problems creating your Fan Page using the iFrames tabs?

Do you want to learn how to remove those scroll bars from your Fan Pages?

Would you like to create Fan Pages for your offline business clients?

Do you wish updating your Fan Pages was as simple as posting to your WordPress blog?

Wouldn’t it be great to create your Fan Pages without having to outsource all the technical stuff?

These questions & more are answered for you in easy to understand, 'Non-Geek-Speak', as soon as you grab your WP2FP video course.

What if I told you, better yet, SHOWED YOU that after watching these few video guides, you will be able to check each and every one of those items off your 'Wish-List'!

Once you have watched these video tutorials you will be able to create an unlimited number of Fabulous Facebook Fan Pages with ease.

Okay..So How Much Is This In-Depth WordPress Site To Facebook Fan Page Video Course Going To Cost?
When you take action right now, your WP2FP Video guides will be available for instant download so no waiting to begin creating your Facebook Fan Pages using your WordPress Site!
For a one-time investment of $9.95 you can begin building your iFrame based Fan Page Tabs RIGHT NOW!

Your WordPress Page To Facebook Fan Page Plug in !
Now you can have either your entire WordPress Site used as your Facebook Fan Page or...
With this custom plugin, just an individual WordPress Page as your Facebook Fan Page.

I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you are about to discover...

If you're ready to give it a go -
Then don't wait any longer - you can
get started NOW! 

Remember, updating your Facebook Fan Page is as easy as posting to your WordPress blog. You can even add plugins to your WP blog that auto-posts for you and make it a completely hands free 'Auto-Pilot' system!
Whether you are creating your Fan Pages for yourself or you are creating them for your business clients, using WordPress & the iFrame custom tabs are the coolest and easiest way to get the job done!
Your WP2FP videos will show you EXACTLY how to configure your WordPress sites in order to create your Facebook Fan Pages. Super-Simple!
For just $9.95 you can instantly access & download your copy of these powerful step-by-step WP2FP videos today. Even if it is 2 AM!
I am completely confident that you will love this complete video course and enjoy making Facebook Fan Pages with WordPress.
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To Your Success!

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3. In case if you have any difficulty in downloading our product then please mail us at, one of our support team will assist you.

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